Looking For Tattoo Designs, Right?

Hi, my name is Jason & I was where you are right now.

I got my first Tat when I was 18 years old and do you know what, the hardest thing I had to worry about was what sort of design I was going to get.  ‘Cause lets face it, getting a Tattoo is a big deal, right?

Not only do you have to find the right tattoo but then you have to explain it to the artist and hope to hell they get it right.  Well, nowa days there are these awesome sites that have hundreds of designs to choose from so finding the right Tat for you has just been made super easy.  It’s a no brainer if you go to an artist with the actual tattoo you want already printed out in your hand ready to get on with the job, right?

Let me save you some time and money

There are a load of websites out there that offer Free tattoo designs but when you actually go through all the crap of finding the one you want and then hit the download button, what happens … yep, I need to pay for this ONE tattoo? … what happened to “free”? … crap!

I found out that exact same thing until I came across this  membership site that allows you to download as many Tat’s as you want without some nasty little “pop up” saying “more money please”.

So before you go ahead and waste heaps of time and pay ridiculous amounts of money for ONE tattoo, consider joining this site and get as many as you want. Oh, and once you get one tattoo you will be back for more, believe me, I got my first tattoo when I was 18 and now I have 8 :-) so the membership will save you heaps!

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Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs

Half sleeve tattoo designs are often the result of a lot of different tattoo sittings that have formed the makings of a “sleeve” or covering of half or more of the arm in artwork! These designs are very unique and represent a love for tattoos (and a lot of patience). This sleeve tattoo concept pretty much embodies any kind of tattoo that totally covers one or more arms or sometimes legs. Usually, half sleeve tattoos are either from the top of the shoulder blade all the way down to the elbow or from the elbow to the wrist area. This type of design represents a shirt sleeve that is made up of tattoos rather than fabric.

People with half sleeve tattoo designs often say that they are addicted to getting tattoos. The pain and patience associated with getting multiple tattoos at one time or in different sessions can be perceived as therapeutic for some. As the saying goes, beauty is pain, and tattoo art beauty is no exception! The commitment of time and money for the receivers of half sleeves is something to think about. The product can be very striking as well. A person may accumulate all different tattoos that make up a half sleeve, or they may simply ask for a tattoo design that covers the entire half of an arm or both arms. Either way, the design is visually stunning to those looking at it. Someone getting one of the many types of half sleeve tattoo designs is generally aiming for something that will be eye-catching to the rest of the world and probably is not shy about the fact that they have tattoos.

The popularity of half sleeve tattoo designs has grown in the last couple decades as more and more people choose this type of skin art. Individuals may want to research different types of designs that will represent a certain artistic flair or type of personality before going under the needle. The fact that half an arm will be covered with tattoos is enough to warrant a thorough investigation of such an undertaking before the deed is actually done. There are many resources available online to help with this research and time should be taken to look at these before heading to the local tattoo shop. Half sleeve tattoo designs are part of a category that represents a certain dedication to tattooing.

Men and women both receive half sleeve tattoos. Some themes and motifs are more popular for one gender than another, but any tattoo design can be unisex. Below are some of the different popular whole sleeve designs for men and women:


  • Tribal art tattoos or flames
  • Celtic knots
  • Traditional cultural tattoos (i.e. Japanese)


  • Floral patterns or plant life
  • Hearts, patterns, and various shapes
  • Other nature or animals

Whatever people choose to get for their half sleeve tattoo designs should be meaningful to them. The tattoo will be large and visible, so care should be taken to choose the right design ahead of time.

So if you are looking for the Right Design why not go to the Biggest & Best Range Online by clicking the image below?


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Tattoo Downloads – Don’t Get Ripped Off!

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